2022 schedule
2022 schedule

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Fall Practice
Fall Practice

HS Practices will begin Monday, August 8-12, 9am-12pm. MS football will begin Monday, August 15 and will take place on weekdays 3-515pm.

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Check us out on Facebook
Check us out on Facebook

We have Facebook pages for the Lehighton TD Club and the Middle School Football Program

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2022 schedule
2022 schedule

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Practice for the HS team will begin Monday, Aug. 8 and run 9am-12pm, Monday through Friday.  For the week of Aug. 15-19, the HS program will have 2-a-days.  The first practice will be 8-11am and the second practice will be 2-5pm.

Practice for the MS team will begin Monday, Aug. 15 and run 3-515pm, Monday through Friday.

All players must have a physical and upload it onto the Big Teams site prior to starting practice.  

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We would like to thank Richard Smith for the use of the photo that makes up the background of this website.  He has been a great supporter of our program.  Check out his work at his website!
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